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18Jul 23

20 years atriga: Achieving more together

Let's face it: most anniversary announcements are boring. They take a detailed, often tedious look at the company's his-tory - and then it's back to business as usual. Here, too, it could be written how atriga, as a pioneer in customer-friendly and digital demand management, leads corporations and ...
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16May 22

atriga FutureTalk Insurance Industry (2/2)

The fact is that at the end of a customer journey, consumers with impaired insurance contracts still quickly land on the siding. Strategic customer recovery measures are obviously still not a top topic for many insurers despite the immense sales potential. We talked to proven industry experts about this topic and ...
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09May 22

atriga FutureTalk Insurance Industry (1/2)

How do insurers deal with their defaulting customers and their payment-disrupted contracts? Is there a strategic approach to customer retention, or are these customers lost in the long term? Is it communicated with this customer group at all and if so, how exactly? The fact is that at the end of a customer ...
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