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Trend-setting project cooperation for the insurance industry: Krause & Schopp and atriga combine their know-how

Krause & Schopp, the payment transaction experts for insurers, and atriga, innovation leader in digital receivables management, are pooling their expertise in a remarkable project cooperation. The goal of the trend-setting cooperation is to significantly support the transformation of the insurance industry through technological innovation and digitalisation in collections and disbursements. The cooperation is accompanied by an extensive survey of executives on customer communication in the insurance industry conducted by ibi research at the University of Regensburg.


Growth drivers of the future: new solutions for customer communication and payment transactions

The Integration Guides of the multiple award-winning management consultancy Krause & Schopp from Koblenz contribute their in-depth expertise and consulting competence in the area of payment transactions for insurers to the cooperation. atriga, a pioneer in customer-friendly and digital receivables management, contributes its practice-oriented core competence: The management of receivables with payment problems, including the systemic implementation of customer communication and payment type control. The long-term project cooperation is accompanied by a comprehensive, scientific study led by Dr Stephan Weber from ibi research.

Jürgen Balgheim, Partner at Krause & Schopp: “Payment transactions will become a differentiating factor against competitors. With a customer-centric strategy by the insurance company, the collection/disbursement area will also have to strategically reposition itself.”

This is how change succeeds: Customer First!
Technological innovation and digitalisation in collections and disbursements

According to Jürgen Balgheim, Partner at Krause & Schopp, many insurers find themselves in a dilemma with regard to their enterprise architecture, especially with regard to their still largely host-based IT: “It is becoming increasingly clear that technical innovation caused by digitalisation and increasing networking will not be solved with selective improvements to the infrastructure alone. Customers and the market as a whole are making demands that have not yet been implemented in the insurance market in this way in the past. An individual customer approach via different channels chosen by the customer is no longer just a nice service, but a must.”

atriga Managing Director Christoph Ruoff: “Through the project cooperation with Krause & Schopp and ibi research, atriga is in a position to provide the insurance industry with technically sound, scientifically proven and field-tested solutions for payment transactions and customer communication of the future.”

Christoph Ruoff, Managing Director of atriga, knows from many years of experience and countless successful projects that in the insurance industry, the focus is still on the collection result when it comes to a return debit note, for example: “The processes and workflows in collections and disbursements are often not prepared for alternative procedures and optimised customer communication; moreover, customer-centric solutions and approaches are difficult to implement in large numbers via the legacy systems of the insurers.

But to ensure that it doesn’t just remain assertions, we have initiated one of the most comprehensive surveys on customer communication in the insurance industry together with ibi research and our colleagues at Krause & Schopp and will share the findings and recommendations for action with interested and innovative insurers.”

About Krause & Schopp

The Integration Guides: Jörn Krause and Carsten Schopp are the leading minds at Krause & Schopp. Their professional and technical expertise has made the company the leading institution in the field of payment transactions for insurance companies. Their skills complement each other ideally, enabling Krause & Schopp to offer its customers a comprehensive service package that leaves no wishes or questions unanswered. With a team of 30 Integration Guides, Krause & Schopp guide their customers through the payment transaction jungle and data streams.

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