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Specific industry solutions for optimal recovery success

Comprehensive industry expertise and innovative IT solutions guarantee individual procedural processes and maximum recovery success.

Banks, FinTechs and financial service providers
atriga supports banks, FinTecs and financial service providers of all sizes and in all areas in a cost-optimised manner through fully digitalised, customer-friendly and highly individual dunning and collection processes.
E-commerce, mail order and teleshopping
As a founding member of the E-Commerce Leitfaden and long-term debt collection partner of well-known merchants, atriga knows the right (digital) communication channels to get your defaulting customers to pay without burdening the customer relationship.
You already provide a comprehensive service for your customers. atriga helps you to supplement your range of services comprehensively - from the application review process to receivables management - with offers that bring great benefits to your customers.
Due to years of practice, atriga takes into account the particular sensitivity of demands from the health care sector as well as the special legal framework.

Competence and innovation that will convince you!
For your company from a young and highly competitive market, it is good to know that atriga knows all the specific features of your industry thanks to its renowned references.
atriga is a partner and service provider for market leading payment service providers, often with individually developed solutions.

atriga's activities cover all relevant areas, from online and mobile to card-based payment procedures at the point of sale.
Telecommunications and cable network operators
Rescuing non-cancelled term contracts in order to preserve assets, treatment of EVN in accordance with data protection law and TKG, objections pursuant to § 45i TKG, cash clearing

We know your needs and actively communicate with your defaulting customers, even if one of the communication channels is no longer available.
Transport companies ÖP(N)V/SPV
The range of services offered by atriga is as comprehensive as its technical expertise - right down to the tariff level.

Our clients have access to a unique range of services for which atriga has developed specific solutions.
Regardless of whether an advertiser or subscriber - the customer should remain a customer. We would be happy to show you how customer retention works even with defaulting customers using practical examples.
Insurance and InsurTechs
The insurance industry is characterized by legal regulation. So it is good to know that atriga, as a partner, not only offers legally compliant solutions for sensitive and delicate data areas. atriga has many years of expertise and knows the right communication processes for a customer relationship-preserving handling of payment disruptions - digitally, innovatively and highly efficiently.
Irrespective of whether the claim originates from network operations or from the supply of electricity, gas or water: atriga has the right dunning strategies for all supply areas and contract conditions, benchmarked by leading utilities.

Other sectors

Regardless of the type of subscription - the focus is on the continuation of the customer relationship!

atriga knows and takes into account the social and economic concerns of your customers and shows possible solutions already in the communication.
Disposal companies
atriga employees are familiar with waste management concepts and the legal basis of waste disposal and know which recycling and take-back obligations exist.

You can rely on this expertise. It is a basic prerequisite for service-oriented processing of your claims.
A partnership-based approach is at the forefront of receivables processing.

atriga has the right strategies to address defaulting customers from the community via the preferred communication channels and payment methods and to win them back as customers.
No matter where the outstanding receivables come from, from mobile to online to card-based payment procedures at the point of sale: liquidity is important!

This is what atriga stands for: the relationship with your customers is maintained, incoming payments are paid out to you on the same day.
Real Estate and Housing Industry
Outstanding receivables from real estate portfolios can be of various types. So it is good to know that atriga knows the right strategies for e.g. permanent debt relationships as well as for high claims resulting from real estate transactions.
Industry-specific receivables portfolios make special demands. These receivables in the B2B environment are accompanied by the necessary legal expertise of the atriga legal department. Only in this way can successful dunning processes be implemented in a targeted manner.
Highly competitive pressure, sometimes low margins - liquidity is important. For this reason, atriga uses proven dunning strategies, in which the customer relationship is maintained despite fast payment settlement.

Incoming payments are paid out to you on the same day.
atriga offers you, among other things, case-related communication via all communication channels, all payment methods for the settlement of outstanding receivables, real-time payment information for the continuation of the customer relationship immediately after receipt of payment.

You should get to know this!
Social media and online services
Globally active clients of atriga already use case-related customer communication via all communication channels, all payment methods to settle outstanding receivables, real-time payment information to continue the customer relationship immediately after receipt of payment.

You should get to know this!
Due to its many years of experience working for market-leading providers, atriga also has the right communication strategy to address defaulting customers via their preferred communication channels and win them back as customers.
Associations and clubs
atriga has been working for many years for associations and clubs that you also know.

So you can be sure that your members are in good hands, even if once an open contribution has to be claimed.
You need the service provider with experience in the customer-friendly processing of your outstanding receivables from e.g. outstanding rent invoices or recourse claims: atriga always has the right strategy for all areas of your receivables portfolio.