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A good tradition continues:
In 2023, atriga will support two regional animal welfare organizations

Donations are always most welcome here: at the Egelsbach animal sanctuary and the Wildtierhilfe Schäfer association in Offenbach. Both animal welfare organisations are struggling to cope with the extreme rise in costs in many areas – for vets and medication, for electricity, heating and food. The donation from the Langen-based company atriga as a Christmas present came at just the right time last year.


At the presentation of the donation cheques, atriga Managing Director Oliver Burgis emphasised: “We are particularly pleased to be able to help both organisations with our donation, which have been doing their bit for animal welfare in the region for years. It was certainly the right decision to forego customer gifts and instead continue the good donation tradition in 2023!”


Membership fees, donations and sponsorships

are the only sources of income for the Egelsbach Animal Sanctuary and the Schäfer Wildlife Aid Association. But these would not secure the existence of the two organisations without the tireless efforts of the volunteers. The animal welfare activists emphasise that anyone is welcome to get in touch with them, as they are always looking for and need new volunteers.

Wildtierhilfe Schäfer: new plot finally found

As part of the atriga fundraising campaign last year, the chairwoman of Wildtierhilfe Schäfer e. V. ( complained that her organisation was “bursting at the seams”. A larger site was urgently needed for the care and rearing of over 1,500 animals.

This problem has been solved, as Tamara Gruhn reports: “After years of searching on the internet, we found a new site in spring 2023. It’s an old mill with a plot of around 10,000 square metres in Mücke, Vogelbergkreis, around 90 kilometres from Offenbach. We were welcomed there with open arms and we were able to get started quickly with the construction and expansion. With the result that a few injured animals have already been able to move into their new home – including raccoons, nutrias, squirrels and birds.”

Tamara Gruhn from Wildtierhilfe Schäfer: “After years of searching on the internet, we found a new site in spring 2023. The donation from atriga comes at just the right time. Thank you very much for that!”


(from left to right) Oliver Burgis, Tamara Gruhn, Birgit Kröcker and Christoph Ruoff

Wildtierhilfe Schäfer is now in talks with the Lower Nature Conservation Authority (UNB) about the exact design of the site. Tamara Gruhn: “The donation from atriga comes at just the right time. Thank you very much for it!” Incidentally, not all wild animals and birds have to move to the old mill, as the Offenbach site will also be retained.


A home for stray dogs from Germany and abroad

“When working with the animals, our helpers experience success stories that make them really happy. For many dogs, our shelter is the first place where they are really well – you can feel their gratitude. The volunteer work comes back a thousandfold,” reports Corinna Michaelis, 1st Chairwoman of Tierherberge Egelsbach ( Her organisation has been looking after stray dogs from Germany and abroad for around 40 years. She is particularly pleased that two dogs that had been at the shelter for a very long time also found a new home in 2023.


Sandra Schulz from the Egelsbach animal sanctuary is delighted with the donation cheque from the two atriga managing directors Oliver Burgis (left) and Christoph Ruoff.

Corinna Michaelis also reports that the dogs placed during Corona were fortunately not returned. She adds: “However, more and more ‘internet dogs’ from abroad are ending up in German animal shelters. Another problem is causing her concern, so she appeals to all parents: “Please don’t give a dog as a Christmas present! We don’t sell any animals ourselves just before the festive season. We take a close look at interested parties and make sure that they get to know the dog they might want to adopt in peace and quiet!”

Would you also like to donate or find out more?
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Wildtierhilfe Schäfer e. V.

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