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With heart and mind: Jasmin Demelt - An empathetic voice in the atriga Contact Centre

The first thing the caller notices is the voice: clear, calm, but above all extremely likeable. And this despite the fact that the occasion for the conversation is not exactly pleasant in most cases. Jasmin Demelt works in the Call Collect department and tries to get customers to pay their outstanding bills. Because that is precisely one of their core tasks in the contact centre of atriga, pioneer and innovation leader in customer-friendly and digital receivables management.


The 26-year-old foreign language correspondent has been working at atriga for four years. How did it come about? Jasmin Demelt reports: “After my school education, I simply wanted to gain practical experience. Because there was a vacancy in the Call Collect department in the Contact Centre at atriga, I started there. It was actually only planned for a few months. But the varied tasks, a great team and the pleasant working environment convinced me to stay exactly at this place!”


“Always new challenges”

What exactly makes this workplace so attractive? “I especially appreciate the variety,” says Jasmin Demelt: “No day is like the other and there are always exciting challenges. I can handle that well because I enjoy my work and like to take on responsibility.”

There are new opportunities to do this almost every day, as a look at the varied daily work routine proves: A typical day for Jasmin Demelt starts with reading and answering emails or forwarding them to other departments. She is also informed by e-mail which calls have been received from debtors outside business hours and whether they have left a message on the answering machine. She checks the respective request and tries to reach the clients. The daily routine, which hardly takes more than a quarter of an hour, also includes resubmissions. This essentially involves checking the current status of the files and briefly coordinating with colleagues.

Jasmin Demelt, atriga Call Collect: “Objectivity and professionalism are very important to me. When talking to customers, I always try to keep a cool head and respond to the other person with empathy, tact and patience.

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At the heart of the work:
Inbound, outbound – and always with the goal in mind

Then things really get going: In the following hours, Jasmin Demelt handles both incoming and outgoing calls or e-mails – in the technical jargon, inbound and outbound. In the latter case, she informs customers about outstanding debts, explains the facts and ideally makes a payment agreement directly in the first contact. “That’s exactly one of the goals I always have in mind in my work,” emphasises Jasmin Demelt, “and I often achieve that by carefully addressing the problems of the people I talk to, advising them accordingly and thus convincing them.
As part of her outbound tasks, she tries, among other things, to find alternative contact details of commercial customers in order to be able to reach them better. Another example of an unusual measure: she calls a customer to reach an out-of-court agreement with him if the claim in question is already in the legal dunning procedure.

The inbound area also has many facets. For example, Jasmin Demelt’s important tasks include verifying or supplementing the customer’s data on incoming calls. Above all, however, she explains the current state of affairs in her pleasantly calm and matter-of-fact voice and comes to clear payment agreements whenever possible. This includes, among other things, adjusting payment deadlines or agreeing on instalments or part payments. In addition, Jasmin Demelt deals with enquiries from bailiffs, clients, debt counsellors or social workers and forwards them – depending on the concern – to the appropriate department.


How do you manage such a wealth of different tasks?

To speak of a pronounced ability to multitask is certainly no exaggeration. This ability, coupled with a quick thinking and comprehension capacity, enables Jasmin Demelt to cope with the abundance of the most diverse tasks listed here only as examples. She herself describes her talents as clearly as modestly: “Objectivity and professionalism are very important to me. When talking to debtors, I always try to keep a cool head and respond to the other person with empathy, tact and patience.

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