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Dream grade 1 for trainees:
atriga receives IHK signet ‘TOP Company for dual vocation training‘

“You have impressively demonstrated that you are aware of your responsibility for training young people and thus also for the early development of your own junior staff. We would like to thank you for this and present you with the IHK signet “TOP Company for dual vocation training” as an enclosure. The Offenbach Chamber of Industry and Commerce writes and goes on to say that atriga “has made a significant contribution to this top result through dedication and commitment”. This is because the trainees at atriga, the pioneer in customer-friendly and digital receivables management, are regularly among the best in their year.

This made us curious and we spoke to the two people responsible for trainees at atriga, Chiara Schöpp and Peter Pigetzki, as well as former trainee Fabian Fiedler, who is now permanently employed at atriga in the pre-litigation receivables management department.


Which channels does atriga use to find the ‘right’ trainees?

Chiara Schöpp: “We look for new atriga trainees across a wide range of online platforms or the employment agency, but of course also directly via our atriga website. Only the special job or career fairs have proven to be too expensive and unsuccessful for us. Especially because the coronavirus pandemic means that a lot can now be done online and via social media.”

What does atriga expect from applicants?

Chiara Schöpp: “Unlike many other companies, we still insist on complete application documents including cover letter, CV and certificates. In addition, we always take a special look at grades in math and German, as these are basic requirements for starting an apprenticeship at atriga. Part of the reason for this is that the process has changed due to a different applicant structure. We now receive 62 percent of all applications from the region, 9 percent come from all over Germany and a remarkable 29 percent from non-EU countries. However, the great diversity at atriga proves that everyone who applies with the right motivation gets a chance here.”

Chiara Schöpp, HR Manager at atriga: “The great diversity at atriga proves that everyone who applies with the right motivation gets a chance here.”

Chiara Schoepp

What happens if an applicant is shortlisted?

Chiara Schöpp: “After the initial selection, we conduct a video interview in which we get to know the applicant personally for the first time – and therefore much better. If he or she convinces us, we continue with atriga’s own test, which we are constantly developing and optimizing. In contrast to traditional assessments, the test is linked to a specific job and is extremely practice-oriented based on a sample file.

Now the applicant has signed their training contract, what can they expect at atriga?

Peter Pigetzki: “Above all, it is important to us to actively support young people on their journey through training. Transparently, openly and at eye level. Because we want to follow and be aware of their professional and personal development. That’s why we are always on hand to offer advice and support to trainees as a point of contact, enabling them to put what they learn at school into practice.”

Peter Pigetzki, Team Leader Debt Collection at atriga: “Above all, it is important to us to actively support young people on their journey through training. Transparent, open and at eye level.”

Peter Pigetzki

Does the training follow a fixed system, a process?

Peter Pigetzki: “I am convinced that it can’t work without it. We at atriga have therefore planned the training very stringently, with fixed to-do lists and regular feedback meetings in order to jointly assess and reflect on development and thus give the trainee a realistic self-image. This includes a trainee meeting every Friday, where we look at legal texts together, answer questions, talk about concerns and problems and schedule study sessions to prepare for exams. I think our success proves us right, because the apprenticeship results have been well above average for years. It is not for nothing that we took on all trainees in 2023. atriga can be really proud of the IHK seal ‘ TOP Company for dual vocation training ‘.”

Why don’t we just ask the former trainee if he can confirm this?

Fabian Fiedler: “After graduating from high school, I started a dual study program in the public sector. Unfortunately, it was completely haphazard and without any concept. In contrast, my training as an office management assistant here at atriga was like a three-year exam preparation course. I was optimally prepared for the upcoming exams and the seamless transition into working life. During my training, I was able to get to know the individual departments and was assigned to my preferred department after graduation. They took into account where I was best suited and where my strengths lay. I now work in pre-litigation receivables management in the logistics department and take care of communication with debtors and our customers.

How is it that trainees can be taken on so smoothly?

Chiara Schöpp: “This is relatively easy, because all atriga trainees get to know every area of the company as part of their training, from the contact center to sales and accounting. They get to know the processes directly through the employees and can build up an appreciation of the various atriga teams over time.”

Mr. Fiedler, to conclude, what brought you your dream grade of 1 in the IHK exam?

Fabian Fiedler: “In addition to the warm congratulations from the entire atriga team, we received a certificate from the IHK and a goodie pack with a training voucher worth 200 euros. The most important thing, however, is the application for a scholarship worth several thousand euros for further training as a business administrator. So all the effort was worth it and from my point of view I can only warmly recommend training at atriga.”

Thank you for the interview!

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