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Win back delinquent policyholders as customers with Atriga

When policyholders stop paying their bills, they quickly end up on the sidelines - at the latest after a debt collection procedure. But in view of the high costs of acquiring new customers, insurers should deal more carefully with defaulting customers, recommends Atriga, a specialist in receivables management.

A taste of life with a mask

Despite the pandemic, Atriga offers internships for schoolchildren - under strict Corona regulations. For many young people, school internships are their first insight into the world of work - and an important step in their search for a future career. Corona, however, currently makes it almost impossible for pupils to find an internship

Atriga and Receeve become partners

Both companies are active in the field of receivables management. Now the two want to serve their clients together. Atriga and the Hamburg-based fintech Receeve have agreed on a strategic partnership. The aim of the cooperation is the holistic support of clients across the entire ...

Fabit and atriga cooperate

Fabit and atriga want to work together to help their customers organise their finances and pay overdue bills. The fintech Fabit will cooperate with the receivables management company atriga in the future. The cooperation is particularly about the app developed by Fabit. With the help of the app, users can organise their finances and keep…

atriga launches cooperation with fintech Fabit

The cooperation agreement has been signed: atriga, a pioneer in customer-friendly and digital receivables management, and the independent financial technology start-up Fabit will work together in the future. The aim of the cooperation is to empower consumers to optimise their financial situation through the free ...

New GVV: atriga offers solution for basic suppliers

The Basic Supply Ordinances (GVV) for electricity and gas will soon be adapted to current EU law without a transition period, as it currently looks like. The receivables management provider atriga has developed a process with which basic suppliers can work directly after the law comes into force.

How banks can prevent payment defaults at an early stage

The touchpoints between banks and customers are constantly decreasing. According to the Bundesbank, German credit institutions have closed 2,600 offices in 2020 alone, further accelerating the dismantling of their branch networks. The personal conversation with the own bank advisor has become a rarity ...
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From apprentice to manager and even further

This is not a "from rags to riches" story. But it does make two things clear: Germany's innovative SMEs still offer exciting opportunities for advancement, and a successful career in one and the same company is far from being a discontinued model.

Assess customers better

"With new types of small-scale and short-term contracts, reliable credit checks, address validation and fraud prevention systems are becoming increasingly important, because a faulty check in advance can lead to an immediate payment default that can no longer be compensated for over a longer contract term." Michael Fait, Senior Key Account Manager at atriga, is…

How transparent AI improves processes in receivables management

From ancient times until late in the 20th century, it was assumed that humans behaved rationally and that decisions were based purely on the expected benefits. It was not until the 1950s that scientists began to take a closer look at decision-making processes in companies and human behaviour in ...

A view into the the future of receivables management

Science and practice combined: a conversation with the atriga advisory board about the digitalisation of the financial sector and the future of receivables management "The intensive exchange with specialists from science and practice supports atriga in staying ahead in the development of innovative solutions ...

A view into the the future of receivables management

Science and practice combined: a conversation with the atriga advisory board about the digitalisation of the financial sector and the future of receivables management "The intensive exchange with specialists from science and practice supports atriga in staying ahead in the development of innovative solutions ...
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The CreditManager: Rethinking debt collection and receivables management

Times have changed, but not the way we deal with debtors. In an interview with the magazine Der Credit-Manager, Christoph Ruoff, Managing Director of atriga GmbH, explains why the industry urgently needs a boost and what role digitisation plays in all the...

From 0 to 9.2 million train-kilometres

Anyone who has a real mammoth task to master can count themselves lucky if they can rely on experienced and reliable partners. A prime example of this truism: the successful cooperation of Abellio GmbH, the German subsidiary of the Dutch Abellio Transport Holding B.V...

Subscription instead of fines: Customer loyalty in public transport through intelligent receivables management

Since July 1, fare evasion in Germany has cost 60 euros - this is the first adjustment of the 'Increased Transport Fee' (EBE) in 12 years! Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt, who had taken up the Bundesrat initiative, said: "Fare evasion in buses and trains is not allowed...
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Uncertainty unfounded

About one year ago, three amendments to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) came into force. Misleading reports about these changes have unsettled some creditors and led to the question whether debtor data may still be transmitted to debt collection companies for the purpose of debt recovery. This follows...

The best for the customer – debt collection via our cooperation partner atriga

For more than two years plentyMarkets has been working successfully with the collection and receivables management specialist atriga. With just a few settings, any user can connect plentymarkets shop software to atriga. All o!enen items from e.g. unpaid prepayment, unpaid...

“Automation” does not have to mean “standardization”

Our company has a particular speciality for our industry: we afford our own IT development department! When our company was founded in 2003, we deliberately said from the beginning: "We need an automated and at the same time individual solution! Why? Because the...

Excellent debt collection

Accounts receivable management is often neglected by medium-sized company managers. With the Debit Manager of atriga GmbH it works as fast and easy as online banking. For this, the company received the MuM Award "Innovation Financing for SMEs 2009".

Die MuM award winners 2009

The MuM Awards recognise outstanding achievements in and for medium-sized businesses. They are awarded in eight categories. A short portrait of this year's winners.

A debtor is a customer with payment problems!

Dipl.-Kfm. Oliver Burgis M.B.A. is managing director and head of the company-owned IT development of atriga GmbH in Langen. The atriga GmbH supports the receivables management of its customers through bank account checks, credit information, address investigations and collection services. As a partner of numerous payment providers, atriga GmbH has access to special...
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