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The atriga DebitManager™: The interactive real-time online information portal for clients

As early as 2003, five years before the first app store, atriga provided its clients with the atriga DebitManager™, a groundbreaking, web-based information and communication infrastructure, which is unique in terms of its features and has been awarded several innovation prizes over the years. atriga’s clients can determine addresses in real time, obtain creditworthiness and financial information, commission and control debt collection procedures. Also, they can track the current status of their files and each individual receivable account to obtain comprehensive information and to interact with atriga on various channels, completely transparently and in real-time.  At the same time, the atriga DebitManager™ can be adapted by the user in every single detail to the industry-specific and company-specific needs and provides comprehensive live evaluations, statistics and reports across every step of the process.

The atriga DebitManager™ as a hub and pivot for clients of all sectors and company sizes
Absolute transparency, in-depth customisation options and comprehensive reporting are just some highlights of the atriga DebitManager™. Thanks to its systemic future viability, as an infrastructural system it can map all current and future requirements in receivables management and debt collection on a single, innovative online platform.

Focus on user experience
Despite its numerous functions and the enormous range of information, the atriga DebitManager™ is an easy-to-use tool, not least due to intuitive user guidance, intelligent form assistants, tips and help functions as well as the constantly available personal support from atriga Customer Care. The commissioning of a complete collection procedure via manual data entry is possible in less than five minutes without any problems. In the case of larger volumes of outstanding debts, the corresponding data records are conveniently uploaded in SSL-encrypted form using the upload function. Their further processing and the creation of the corresponding files is then fully automatic. For very large data volumes, clients use a uni- or bidirectional interface for data transmission. In this case, the atriga DebitManager™ provides real-time information for the employees of the groups and companies – including the possibility of individual rights assignment, in addition to the automatic data feedback via an interface.

Absolute transparency in every detail
Individual and meaningful overviews and statistical evaluations can be compiled and exported just as quickly with a few mouse clicks. The procedures can be viewed in several stages, from a chronological overview of all files to the smallest detail at the individual case level. In the ‘Process Flow’ section, each step of the entire process is recorded in real-time and the entire correspondence (inbound and outbound) is made available as PDF documents. This also includes the display of the complete contact history from and to the defaulting customer on all communication channels, up to his activity in the atriga InfoCenter™ (online information portal for defaulting customers).

Innovation by tradition: Implementing visions and shape them for the future
Oliver Burgis, Managing Director of atriga, is the father of the atriga DebitManager™, so to speak, and helped to launch it right at the ‘birth’ of the company in 2003. He is rightly proud of his company’s continuing technological lead in this area as well: “Albert Einstein once said that we can never solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. I also had this sentence in mind when we developed the atriga DebitManager™. Of course, at that time we did not expect that our development would be awarded innovation prizes one day. Our goal was to provide our clients with a tool with which they could, for the first time, process and view all processes in receivables management and debt collection in a completely new and innovative way. Even back then, this included the premise that the infrastructure of the atriga DebitManager™ had to be so future-proof at its core that we would remain technologically unassailable in the long term. I think we have succeeded quite well, because to this day there is no comparable solution on the market.”

The atriga DebitManager™ is the innovation award-winning interactive real-time online information portal for all atriga clients.

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