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atrigaprotekt: The complete receivables management solution for small and medium-sized businesses

Especially now, it is of existential importance for small and medium-sized enterprises, craftsmen and self-employed persons of all branches to prevent bad debt losses as early as possible. But even if an invoice remains unpaid, atrigaprotekt (, the newly designed and 100 per cent customer-centred complete receivables management solution from atriga, offers perfect protection against payment defaults. It is as simple, secure and transparent as online banking and comes with three tailor-made tariffs to suit every company size and requirement.


What small and medium-sized businesses, craftsmen and self-employed people really need

Based on his many years of experience, Lasse Kühl, Head of Customer Care, knows the needs of medium-sized companies in the area of receivables management: “More than 25,000 registered clients already have access to atriga’s comprehensive and unique range of receivables management services via the atriga Debit-Manager™. With creditworthiness information from the leading credit agencies within seconds, the initiation of debt collection procedures within a few minutes and real-time information on all processes, these are just a few examples of the comprehensive and unique range of services offered by atrigaprotekt.”


Maximum customer orientation

“With more than ten years of experience and hundreds of thousands of procedures, we know what SMEs are looking for in the field of receivables management,” continues Kühl, “this includes a comprehensive offer that covers all concerns and gives the company time to take care of its core business. Of course, everything must be implemented quickly and efficiently with maximum customer orientation. After all, even a defaulting customer can be tomorrow’s customer once the open account has been settled.”


Making the right decisions in advance

Lasse Kühl explains another advantage of atrigaprotekt: “It is even better when we see that our clients are informed in time through the credit reports so that they can make the right payment arrangements with their clients. This serves all parties involved because our mandant can carry out his assignment with the certainty that he will receive the payment for his work. If legal assistance is required beyond the collection procedure, atrigaprotekt offers a unique solution through LEXprotekt.”


The all-round carefree package for medium-sized businesses

Especially now, when all experts point out that a considerable deterioration in payment morale is to be expected due to the Corona pandemic, atrigaprotekt offers the right ‘all-round carefree solution’ for all medium-sized companies. Lasse Kühl concludes: “Due to the current threat situation, we at atriga have worked out the concept for the new tariff generation of atrigaprotekt together with our long-standing clients and are proud to present the result to the market. We are very pleased that we can now provide even more comprehensive assistance in a difficult time.”

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What small and medium-sized enterprises, craftsmen and self-employed people really need: atrigaprotekt is the all-round carefree package for credit reports, debt collection and optimal receivables management.

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