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Reputation and customer retention have the highest priority:

atriga wins one of the world’s largest Mobility provider as a new client

Many good arguments are needed to convince a global player. atriga was able to score points at all levels – and thus win one of the world’s largest mobility providers as a new client. Especially the concept of “service instead of warning”, which characterises atriga as a pioneer in digital, customer-friendly receivables management, convinced the new client. Because he attaches particular importance to his reputation and customer retention: he does not want to lose defaulting customers under any circumstances due to outdated, impersonal dunning processes. For Christoph Overmann, Head of sales at atriga, this new business is a milestone in the growth market of mobility: “we are talking to numerous other providers who are looking for leading customer preserving and reputation-friendly solutions in receivables management.”


Receivables from downstream invoices

In addition to a huge rental fleet of cars, minivans and vans, the new atriga tenant offers its business and private customers worldwide a range of practical services – from breakdown service to travel tips to child seats. The services are mainly billed by credit card. So how do demands arise in the first place? For example, through “nodules” and parking tickets that the vehicle rental company did not pay on site. Or because he forgot to refuel the car or van in accordance with the contract. In these and similar cases, the mobility service provider sends corresponding invoices. This also applies to commercial customers such as parcel services or craftsmen who need a replacement vehicle at short notice.

Christoph Overmann, Head of Sales at atriga: “if reputation and customer retention are a priority in the dunning process, then atriga as a service provider is the very first choice – this is shown by our benchmark results and the positive reactions of defaulting customers in an impressive way.”


atriga Christoph Overmann

Good reputation management in the dunning process through goal-oriented communication 

If such invoices are not paid on time despite prior reminders, atriga comes into play. Here you know exactly: Reputation is the most important currency for companies. A good image counts not only in customer acquisition and retention, but also in the recovery of late payers after a dunning process. And this is exactly what the new atriga tenant, as one of the world’s largest providers of mobility solutions, naturally attaches the utmost importance to.

Many letters in commercial dunning processes of companies are brimming with formalisms, paragraphs and legal jargon and thus generate unnecessary pressure that simply overwhelms the late payer. atriga shows with its receivables management platform how to do it right: With clearly formulated texts that convey messages that are situation-specific, friendly and customer-oriented, clear and understandable for everyone. These are informatively linked to various alternative courses of action and concrete aid and payment offers. This way, the customer is picked up exactly where he is at the moment.


Service instead of admonishing: customers react very positively

This is also served by the principle of “service instead of reminders” developed by atriga: A high degree of automation, modern self-services, algorithm-controlled, highly personalised communication with defaulting customers, the unique atriga customer communication journey, bring advantages for all parties involved. Christoph Overmann summarises: “This approach not only allows us to increase our willingness to pay, which is sometimes up to over 20 percentage points higher that outdated dunning processes in the old economy, proven by benchmarks. We also see that atriga service approach is perceived positively by those affected, which the friendly response proves again and again. It is hard to imagine grater praise for our work.”

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