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atriga personalities: Lasse Kühl - From Head of Customer Care to a qualified person according to RDG (2/2)

Germany’s innovative medium-sized companies still offer exciting career opportunities – and a successful career at same company is not a discontinued model. A good example is Lasse Kühl: he started as a trainee at atriga in Langen in 2005 and has been Head of Customer Care since the end of 2019. In November 2020, he was able to successfully complete the expertise course at the Deutsche Inkasso Akademie (DIA) under Corona conditions. This means that Lasse Kühl is now a ‘qualified person’ within the meaning of the Legal Services Act (RDG).


Qualification in Corona times

At the beginning of 2020, Lasse Kühl receives an offer from the atriga management to gain further qualifications in an important area. He has the opportunity to complete an eight-month specialist course at the Deutsche Inkasso Akademie. Here he is taught all the necessary legal knowledge to register as a so-called ‘qualified person’. After successfully passing the exam in September last year, he can theoretically set up his own debt collection company, but that is not what he has in mind: “With my new knowledge at a high legal level, I can advise our clients in greater depth than I was previously able to do. For that alone, the effort was worth it,” Kühl states.

If you take a closer look at the scope of the course, it becomes clear what it means: six months of intensive block teaching, always from Thursday to Saturday, with a total of 138 time hours. Insights into complex topics such as civil law, commercial, securities and company law, civil procedural law including enforcement and insolvency law, cost law and, last but not least, data protection and professional law. Not to forget the written examination in autumn 2020 under Corona conditions on site in Rhens and subsequently an oral examination via Zoom. What else did he take away from the training? Lasse Kühl summarises: “In addition to the profound knowledge about debt collection imparted by experienced judges, lawyers, a senior government director and other luminaries in their respective fields, I especially appreciated the networking with the 20 or so participants from all over Germany, the joint activities and the professional exchange. This has broadened my professional and private horizons considerably.”

“With my new knowledge at a high legal level, I can advise our clients in greater depth than I was previously able to do. For that alone, the effort was worth it.”

Lasse Kühl

Lasse Kühl, Head of Customer Care at atriga

With the same company for 15 years?

Careers like Lasse Kühl’s seem to have become rare these days. But there must be good reasons for limiting his career to one employer. Kühl mentions several of them: “At atriga we work together closely and trustingly in small teams – friendly and collegial interaction is part of it. In addition, the hierarchies are flat and the decision-making processes are short. Here, issues can be discussed and clarified quickly. In addition, the technical equipment at atriga is always up to date; the most modern computers and ergonomic office furniture make work very pleasant and comfortable.” The seals of approval from the leading rating platform ‘kununu’ prove that these are not just praises of the employer: here, atriga not only belongs to the exclusive circle of companies with the ‘Top Company’ award, but is even one of the very few that are allowed to carry the ‘Open Company’ seal. One of the requirements here is a transparent insight into everyday working life for potential applicants. According to Focus-Business, atriga is also a Top Employer for Medium-Sized Businesses 2021, i.e. one of the best employers in the field of finance and the most popular debt collection company in Germany among its employees.


Insider tips from Lasse Kühl

In 2019, around 1.3 million mostly teenagers and young adults started an apprenticeship in Germany. Since its foundation, atriga has always had several trainees starting their training every year, mostly in the commercial sector and in IT. Back then as well as today, Lasse Kühl had no hesitation in pursuing his training and professional career with a company for receivables management and debt collection. Regardless of the fact that the industry still has a somewhat dubious reputation today because of some ‘black sheep’: “I think it is absolutely justified and necessary that companies like atriga, as service providers, take care that defaulting customers pay their outstanding bills. That’s why I’ve never had any prejudices against the industry. And I can only recommend to everyone who is looking for an apprenticeship to be flexible and also look at companies and sectors that don’t seem so attractive, at least at first glance.

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