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atriga Dynamic Language: So that the defaulting customer actually understands what it is all about

According to the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden, around 11 million foreigners with and without a migration background lived in Germany at the end of 2019, including almost 5 million people from the EU. But even if German is not their mother tongue, these people – like any other consumer – participate in economic life, buy goods and use services. Statistical probability suggests that a portion of this group does not always settle their bill within the agreed time frame, and that a dunning or collection procedure then becomes necessary. Since 2016, atriga has been able to address these defaulting customers in their preferred language across all analogue and digital communication channels with ‘atriga Dynamic Language’. So that the defaulting customer actually understands what it is all about.


Create proximity to the customer

In addition to the right language and tone, a systemically controlled, socio-cultural selection of the personal contact person at atriga ensures maximum customer proximity throughout the entire dunning process: the customer is addressed in his or her native language and is looked after by an advisor who suits him or her. The prerequisite for this is that the communication platform developed by atriga analyses the optimal language mix for each client on a portfolio-specific basis. For this purpose, the atriga systems evaluate the information available on the digital end devices used in compliance with data protection regulations. As a result, the necessary communication bases are available for all required languages. Within the scope of the communication with the defaulting customer, the algorithms of the atriga communication platform control the individual content composition from element templates, suitable for the customer’s preferred communication channel. The frequency of contact per communication channel is controlled as well as the time of dispatch, among other things according to availability and willingness to talk. This approach is made possible by applicable results from behavioural research, behavioural economics, psychology and sociology.


Agile platform with international scale

Stefan Scheller, Head of IT Development, summarises the impressive innovations of the atriga platform: “The defaulting customer can communicate via his preferred channel and is addressed in the language he understands – however and whenever he wants. Our collection and receivables management platform, which has also been used very successfully for many years as SaaS / white label solution in the area of commercial dunning procedures, uses thousands of text element templates for individual and channel-specific communication in all required languages for this purpose. The atriga platform has the agility to map dunning processes even on an international scale via a uniform system – and to fulfil country-specific conditions in the process.”


atriga Labs: AI and machine learning in practice

A particular challenge in the continuous development of the communication platform by the atriga Labs team is the fast and targeted response in the context of bidirectional communication. Stefan Scheller states again: “We also rely on AI and machine learning-based models that are trained through supervised learning. All in all, atriga Labs has been offering exciting challenges for ambitious IT developers for over 18 years now. Unchanged, we all continue to work together on our innovative edge. Among other things, it’s about making sure that defaulting customers better understand what it’s all about, but also for making sure that defaulting customers are better understood.”

atriga Dynamic Languages

atriga Dynamic Language: To ensure that the defaulting customer actually understands what it is all about.

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