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Student internships at atriga:

Promoting the next generation at an early stage

Student internships serve above all career orientation and enable adolescents first insights into the world of work. But the corona pandemic makes it almost impossible for many students to find an internship: Many companies currently have no capacity, also because their own employees are increasingly working from the home office. atriga has always focussed on consistent promotion of young talent: Since the company was founded, atriga has trained young people in different fields every year, and also offers exiting tasks and perspectives for interns and students. With 15-year-old Evan, a student of the Ricarda-Huch-Schule in Dreieich was now able to complete an internship at atriga – of course under strict corona conditions. We talked to him about his experiences. 


Internship desperately wanted 

Evan V. is a sympathetic and open-minded young man, you often meet him with his stunt scooter in a skate park in Frankfurt, where he rehearses new artistic manoeuvres with friends and posts videos of them on Instagram. He is fascinated by automobiles, their design and technology, even reads a well-known motor magazine, which should be rather rare for the typical teenager of today. We would like to know from Evan how he got to his internship at atriga: “in politics and business, the 9th class offers a two-week student internship to get a taste of the world of work. I searched for an internship for months until my parents drew my attention to atriga. I then googled the company immediately to find out more, because I didn´t know the industry at all. The contact with Julian Ruoff, who takes care of the interns at atriga, among other things, was really great and I quickly had my internship contract in my pocket.”

Student intern Evan at his workplace at atriga: “I get insights into everyday professional life and the processes in a large and innovative company here – that´s great!”

atriga Schülerpraktikant Evan V.

Everything is completely different from one day to the next 

What were his first impressions? Evan reports: “it´s quite exiting and very different from school. A new bus leaving from Dreieich to Langen, a completely different atmosphere without school colleagues and classrooms. Instead, a workplace with two screens and a headset, better equipment than at home.” We are curious: what exactly does he do at atriga? “My job profile is called media design,” says Evan, “I am very interested in the graphic implementation, for example of websites. My first task at atriga was a company presentation, which I edited in Power Point. Now I’m curious to see what else awaits me. In any case, life and the processes in a large and innovative company here – that´s great!”


This is how the student internship runs under corona conditions

Corona makes it almost impossible for many companies to offer internships. A difficult situation, especially in view of the constantly lamented shortage of skilled workers in Germany. Where should the offspring come from is companies do not take care of it themselves? atriga shows that it can work despite the virus, which Evan confirms: “of course, I am vaccinated and had to show my certificate, and I also get tested three times a week at atriga. Everyone here is wearing masks and there is a sign on each room about the maximum number of employees allowed to stay in it. Then there are safety instructions and disinfection stations everywhere, so I feel very safe here. But even at atriga, many employees are currently working from home, so I will not get to know everyone. But the ones I deal with are extremely nice and it´s fun to be here.” We wish Evan all the best for the future, especially for the matriculation exam.

atriga Business Development Manager Julian Ruoff: “internship places for students are currently rare. We have recognised the need, acted immediately and will continue to offer young people the opportunity to get to know every day working life at atriga in the future.”

atriga Business Development Manager Julian Ruoff
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