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In good tradition:

atriga continues to support animal welfare organisations in 2022

Last year, atriga once more donated to the animal shelter Egelsbach and the association Wildtierhilfe Schäfer, based in Offenbach am Main. These christmas gifts are intended to ensure the existence of two regional organisations, which are financed exclusively by membership fees, donations or sponsorships.

The donations were  more than welcome in 2022: Both organisations are suffering from the exploding energy costs. The Wildtierhilfe Schäfer with its approximately 1.500 wild animals is moreover desperately looking for a new place to stay.

Furthermore the animal shelter Egelsbach with its 40 dogs is bursting at the seams, as many so-called corona dogs have been returned and placements are declining. „We at atriga once more renounce customer gifts in 2022 and instead supported two local animal welfare associations that need every help“, emphasises atriga Managing Director Oliver Burgis when presenting the donation checks.


It’s a good time for doing the right things. But which of the numerous organisations should be supported? atriga decided to again support the two organisations in the local environment in 2022, which take great care of animals in need with great commitment. atriga Managing Director Oliver Burgis: “Continuity is paramount for atriga. Therefore, there was no question for us to continue this tradition in 2022 and to help those who really need it. Of course, we are also happy if as many other donors and helpers as possible follow our example and support these committed animal rights activists.”

Tanja Schäfer, 1st Chairman of the Wildtierhilfe Schäfer e. V. (with hedgehog): “The donation from atriga is more than welcome, because we have an animal space problem and are urgently looking for a new place to stay.”

Ausgabe 01 2023-01-09 Weihnachtsspende 2022_01

(From left to right) Oliver Burgis, Tanja Schäfer, Tamara Gruhn and Christoph Ruoff

Injured forest animals and abandoned dogs need help

The Wildtierhilfe Schäfer e. V. ( is currently taking care of well being and rearing of around 1.500 animals and, according to the 1st Chairman Tanja Schäfer at the seams: “The donation from atriga is more than welcome, because we have an animal space problem and are urgently looking for a new place to stay. Wich led us to no longer being able to accept birds last year, which hurt us a lot.”

The animal shelter Egelsbach ( has been taking care of abandoned dogs from home and abroad for over 38 years. In 2022, the situation was particularly difficult, reports the 1st Chairman Corinna Michaelis: “Our 40 dogs live in wooden huts, which are of course heated accordingly. We lose a lot of warmth and we expect a juicy bill. In addition, we lack volunteers and we had a particularly large number of illness-related absences last year, so we often had to close the facility. Whats even worse is that we were able to only 125 dogs in 2022, usually at least 180. This makes us all even more the more grateful for the generous donation!”

Ausgabe 01 2023-01-09 Weihnachtsspende 2022_02

Sandra Schulz from the animal hostel Egelsbach receives the donation check from the atriga managing directors Oliver Burgis (left) and Christoph Ruoff.

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