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atriga announces Anita Gluszak-Haefs as part of the executive board

Anita Gluszak-Haefs

Anita Gluszak-Haefs has been appointed ‘Head of Competence Center’ in the atriga management

A clear message to the entire market and a surprising personality even for industry insiders: Since October 1, 2020, Anita Gluszak-Haefs has been in charge of the ‘Competence Center Insurance, Power Utilities and Telecommunications’ at atriga, the pioneer in customer-friendly and digital receivables management. Prior to this, Gluszak-Haefs was Managing Director for various companies in the Lowell Group. With her professional reorientation, the qualified lawyer has made a conscious decision against shareholder-driven group structures and in favor of an innovative medium-sized company with strong organic growth and extensive creative possibilities. As ‘Head of Competence Center’, Gluszak-Haefs is responsible for the interface between clients and companies at atriga with her distinctive customer and service orientation.


Anita Gluszak-Haefs has an impressive CV: 15 years of operative debt collection expertise in leading positions with a focus on the telecommunications, insurance and energy industries are just some of the milestones of her career. This also includes personnel management in the change process, support for international key accounts and responsibility for multi-million-dollar Gross profits.


With good reasons from Goliath to David

Why did she choose atriga in particular? “It is becoming increasingly clear that our clients want to explore new approaches that go beyond the mere collection process. For this purpose they need reliable and innovative partners”, explains Gluszak-Haefs and continues: “atriga is such a partner. With comprehensive expertise, a professional team and innovation as part of the company DNA, atriga integrates seamlessly into the processes of the client. In this way we create added value, which relieves companies both economically and in terms of personnel. Thus free capacities can be used elsewhere. The key to this is the ability to implement developed ideas in an uncomplicated and timely manner.”


“I estimate that atriga has a developmental edge of five to ten years with its debt collection platform.”

And how does Gluszak-Haefs define her role as ‘Head of Competence Center’ at atriga? She explains: “I see myself as a mediator between the clients and atriga as a service provider and in this position, I guarantee the optimal implementation of the requirements placed on us. In addition to maximum recovery success, our clients expect us to maintain the relationship with the defaulting customer – while adhering to all compliance and data protection requirements. Not only the innovative strength of my new employer helps me in this process, but also the many years of expertise in all respective disciplines. I estimate that atriga with its advanced collection platform has a development advantage of five to ten years over other market players. This enables me to provide my clients with what they want and to implement the issues that really matter.”


Expertise and innovation provide facts

Christoph Ruoff, one of the atriga managing directors, considers it only logical that Anita Gluszak-Haefs complements the team of the atriga management: “It is generally known that she burns for her clients, is very demanding and expects maximum performance from all involved. Her market overview, customer and service orientation are valued across the board. We are therefore proud to welcome Ms. Gluszak-Haefs to our company.”

What were the arguments that finally convinced Anita Gluszak-Haefs? Christoph Ruoff knows the answer: “Ms. Gluszak-Haefs’ many years of experience have shown that the requirements of clients cannot always be fulfilled according to their needs. At atriga, as a pioneer of digitalization in receivables management, she can implement what the market demands. As a resultoriented person, the fact that expertise and innovation of the atriga lead actually to measurably better results and atriga from all performance comparisons always emerges as winner, must have been facts that contributed to her decision.”

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