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Pioneering cooperation in the testing and further development of cloud services for receivables management: atriga and Regis24 conclude innovation partnership

atriga, pioneer in digital receivables management, is involved as an innovation partner in the testing and further development of the new API-based ULTIMA cloud service from Regis24. The real-time-capable ULTIMA components for address and name standardization as well as e-mail address determination and identity verification will be integrated into the atriga services, tested under real conditions and further optimized in close cooperation with the development teams of both companies. atriga will thus have a significant influence on the data science solution ULTIMA within the framework of the Regis24 innovation program through extensive tests and regular feedback.

Digitisation in dunning: come to stay

atriga managing director Christoph Ruoff is pleased to have found in Regis24 a further partner with whom his company will shape the future of the industry: “Years ago, we already developed a totally digital collection system for highly personalized receivables management which, in addition to real-time processing and maximum transparency, places particular emphasis on the customer-friendly implementation of all reminder processes. Due to the expertise we have developed, it is therefore completely natural to look for partners who also live atriga’s high quality standards”.

“atriga has already shown itself to be extremely deliberate, realistic and binding in its commitments in the early negotiation phase”, says Kevin Wölfer, Head of Business Development at Regis24, “We are therefore very pleased that with atriga we have been able to win the market leader in digital receivables management for our innovation programme”. Wölfer continues: “In contrast to our pilot customers, with whom we usually only test a new product for a limited period of time shortly before it is ready for the market, our innovation partners are involved from the very beginning and are also more strongly committed. This exchange always benefits three parties: both partners and the joint customers.”

The Innovation Program of Regis24

The central aim of the Regis24 Innovation Programme is to identify potential in cooperation and to jointly exploit it. However, only a very small group of companies can be considered as innovation partners. “We can only really make a difference with technology-oriented, risk-taking, independently acting, implementation-strong and above all creative partners,” explains Wölfer.

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