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Corona also puts pressure on animal welfare activists: atriga donates again to Wildtierhilfe Schäfer and Egelsbach animal sanctuary

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The corona crisis is also putting more and more animal welfare organisations under pressure throughout Germany.
Many animal shelters are struggling to survive due to a lack of donations and subsidies. One more reason for the Langen-based company atriga not only to continue the donation tradition but to increase the aid for the two regional organisations: This year, 2,000 Euro each will go to the Tierherberge Egelsbach and the Wildtierhilfe Schäfer association based in Offenbach. When handing over the donation to the committed animal welfare activists, atriga’s managing directors Oliver Burgis and Christoph Ruoff emphasized “the important contribution that these two organisations make to our society”.

In May 2019, atriga had already made a generous donation to the animal welfare organisation on the occasion of the opening of the new call and contact centre. And at Christmas last year, Wildtierhilfe Schäfer e. V. and the Egelsbach animal shelter were also delighted to receive a “nice present” in the form of an atriga cheque.

The joy and relief of the animal rights activists were even greater last week: due to the difficult situation during the corona crisis and the tense financial situation on all sides, atriga had decided to double the previous donation amount per association to 2,000 euros. Managing Director Christoph Ruoff states: “Meaningful donations instead of Christmas presents – this also convinced our customers. We at atriga want to help those who really need help. This applies to both, Wildtierhilfe Schäfer e. V. and Tierherberge Egelsbach. Neither of them receives any public funding, so they are financed exclusively by membership fees, donations or sponsorships”. Oliver Burgis adds: “Helping animals in need requires enormous commitment. That’s why we want to use our donations to draw attention to two organisations in our local area in particular – and thus encourage as many other donors and helpers as possible to support these committed animal welfare activists.”

Injured wild animals and stray dogs need help
It all started with a great spotted woodpecker. Tanja Schäfer, who found the injured bird during a walk in the forest in 2014, spent hours looking for expert helpers. “Something has to change,” she thought and took action: today, Wildtierhilfe Schäfer e. V. cares for and raises around 1,000 animals every year – including many birds and ducks, squirrels, hedgehogs and even dormice.

The staff of the Egelsbach animal shelter take care of stray dogs from Germany and abroad that are in urgent need of help. Among other things, they ensure that the dogs are checked and treated by competent veterinarians and clinics. No less important: numerous volunteers provide the dogs with sufficient movement and the absolutely necessary human interaction. This private animal welfare facility has existed for more than 38 years and is run by the Tier-Rettungs-Dienst Frankfurt e. V.

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Handing over the cheque with distance: Tanja Schäfer from Wildtierhilfe Schäfer in Offenbach is happy about the donation cheque from atriga, represented by the two managing directors Christoph Ruoff (left) and Oliver Burgis.

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Corona won’t let atriga GmbH, from Langen, stop its donation: Here Sandra Schulz from Tierherberge Egelsbach accepts the cheque for 2,000 euros from the two managing directors Oliver Burgis (left) and Christoph Ruoff.

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