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Emergency planning of the atriga in times of Corona

The current situation regarding the corona virus (COVID-19 disease or SARS-CoV-2) is challenging and demanding for all of us. In addition to the growing number of infected persons, the economic consequences of the corona virus are also being felt: material shortages are occurring, business trips are no longer being planned, employees are dropping out due to quarantine measures, etc. Understandably, we too have received an increasing number of inquiries in recent days about how to deal with this situation.

At atriga we are prepared for such situations thanks to our so-called business continuity and crisis management planning (emergency planning).

Our contingency planning provides, among other things, for us to be at your side with our services as a competent and reliable service provider even in this difficult phase for all of us. This applies to all our services, for example in the areas of ELV proceedings, accounts receivable management, (white-label) solutions for commercial dunning processes, debt collection and legal dunning procedures through to (post-) legal proceedings. In particular, our online systems continue to be available to you without restriction. Our contingency planning also provides for atriga’s employees (m/f) to be able to work without restrictions and to be reachable from the home office in an emergency (e.g. in quarantine situations).

Naturally, we follow the orders and recommendations of the authorities and, for example, make case-by-case decisions on participation in and implementation of events on the basis of appropriate risk assessments.

For answers to possible questions, please contact your personal contact person or our customer service at .

Best regards and a healthy time to you all
Oliver Burgis and Christoph Ruoff
Managing director of atriga GmbH

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