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DCRN study: This is how Corona is changing our consumer and payment behaviour

In 2021, the ibi research institute at the University of Regensburg, together with the Digital Commerce Research Network (DCRN), of which atriga is a founding member, surveyed more than 1,000 consumers on the effects of the Corona pandemic on their consumption and payment habits. One of the most noteworthy results: While the majority of respondents do not intend to change their online purchasing behaviour in the next twelve months, the target group of 18 to 39 year-olds in particular plans to make significantly more online purchases in this period. In general, the use of invoice, credit card and instalment payments in e-commerce increases with the size of the shopping basket; almost one fifth of online shoppers used instalment payments for the first time or more frequently during the Corona pandemic. Equally interesting: according to the study, the age group of 18 to 29-year-olds, who are already particularly online-savvy, have become accustomed to contactless payment by card or smartphone in stationary retail and will continue to do so


The new world of receivables management

Anita Gluszak-Haefs, atriga’s authorised signatory, assesses the results of the current study by ibi research and DCRN from the point of view of her company: “For atriga as a pioneer in customer-friendly and digital receivables management, the current survey confirms and reinforces our own research. The results allow only one conclusion: the Corona-related change in consumer and payment behaviour requires more than ever the holistic, digital and behaviour-based solutions in risk and receivables management that atriga’s clients from very different sectors have already been using successfully for many years. This ensures that companies, together with atriga, can master the challenges they face today and will face in the future.”


Direct download of the study on the ibi research website [in german]:

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