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atriga provides financial freedom for flood victims - a summary

The late effects of the devastating flood disaster last July have largely disappeared from the media spotlight. After all, in many affected places the mud and rubbish have now been removed and the extent of the destruction is becoming visible. Numerous government aid programmes for the flooded regions have been launched to renew infrastructure and support flood victims. Nevertheless, many people and companies do not know how they can rebuild their livelihoods and cope financially. atriga provides urgently needed freedom to defaulting customers in the flood areas by suspending dunning processes and enabling individual solutions. The company relies on its digital and customer-oriented receivables management.


Financial aid and compensation often unclear

In unprecedented solidarity, volunteers from all over the country are supporting the victims of the catastrophic floods by providing on-site assistance as well as donations in cash and kind. Public relief programmes are already underway to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure and provide financial assistance to the victims. Although it is often unclear who will benefit from the government aid or whether insurance companies will pay for the damage, the people affected are taking their fate into their own hands. In this situation, however, many people are initially unable to pay their outstanding bills. Dunning activities by debt collection companies then only increase the pressure and have little chance of success. atriga already adjusted to this in July and accommodates the defaulting payers to the maximum.

Carsten Kohl, Assistant Head of Legal Service & Debt Collection, comments: “In consultation with our clients, we facilitate individually tailored measures to effectively help those affected in this situation. For us, this approach is not unusual, but follows our responsible strategy of ‘service instead of dunning’.”

Carsten Kohl, Assistant Head of Legal Services & Debt Collection at atriga: “Through personal and compassionate letters, we encourage people and offer them suitable tools to ease the situation.”

Appropriate offers reach those affected 

In order to support customers with payment arrears in their predicament in the flood areas, atriga stops all dunning processes and proactively submits offers of help to those affected. As a pioneer in digital receivables management, the company uses the possibilities of its highly developed IT platform to reach people. “We can identify every claimant and find the most accessible communication channels. Through personal and compassionate letters, we encourage people and offer them instalment payments or other suitable instruments to ease the situation,” explains Carsten Kohl, Assistant Head of Legal Services & Debt Collection at atriga.

Recipients receive the offers positively, as numerous reactions show. “Customers thank us for our understanding and ask for some time for repayment or make direct suggestions about the amount and timing of instalment payments,” says Carsten Kohl. In many cases, the defaulting customers have responded by telephone or in writing. Well over 1,000 cases have already been processed, many debts have already been paid and numerous instalment payments agreed. “This proves that we also offer good solutions for all parties involved in special situations together with our clients,” summarises Carsten Kohl, Assistant Head of Legal Services & Debt Collection at atriga.

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